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At Quatro International we understand that a custom board is a very personal thing. It's a large investment for most windsurfers and we want to make it as enjoyable and educational as possible. When you're thinking about a custom shaped board, our in house board advisor, Pascal Bronnimann, will help you find the shape and size to match the conditions you like to ride in.



Malo by
Mala Mujer

Moda inspirada en Tarifa y los deportes de la mano de Maria Malo. Creaciones para Mala Mujer y Malo.  


Secret Sails

Venta directa de fabricante Windsurf sails low cost at


  guide of Tarifa (Cadiz) kitesurf, windsurf surf schools, hotels, weather information and navigation. Advertising and promotion on Internet. Video and web edition.

Maui Finn Company  

We announce our custom fin production made in Maui.
We are ready to deliver our new Slalom models to the racers that are looking for the best fin on the market.
We developed these models with Micah Buzianis and our new entry in the MFC team, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel.