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:: DISTRESS AT SEA CH VHF 16 . . . .

the beaches of Tarifa, from the Island to Zahara de los Atunes this protected by the Red Cross during summer time. The rest of the year is necessary to have special well-taken care of when putting to the water.

The fundamental equipment that it must have all school of Wind or Kite is its own boat or zodiac for rescue in the beach and an emitting VHF marine Band to warn means of Marine Rescue by 16 Channel VHF Marine Band.

It is responsibility of the schools and city councils maintaining protect and properly marked out with buoys the zones of kite and windsurf.

The use of mobile telephone is not recommended for communications at sea. Nevertheless the VHF radio station is listened to by many boats of sport fishing and also by the ships crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, which they must to maintain permanent listening by the emergency channel VHF Marine Band 16. The use of VHF allows to rescue units a fast location of the transmitter. Marine band would be very usefull for surfers to take in its navigation equipment . They can safe his life with it.

In the zone of Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar the service of Maritime Rescue is called "Tarifa Traffic" and carry out by spanish agency Salvamento Maritimo. It is possible to warn to them by VHF radio Ch.16 for emergencies and distress and VHF Channel 10 for meteo information, that one emits every two hours, pairs plus 15 minutes UTC Universal Time Coordinated. are in stand-by to listening the 24 hours of the day, all the year. Search and rescue operations are coordinated by him.

Normally the smaller emergencies, near beaches, are made by the Red Cross of Tarifa that has several boats with base in Tarifa and Barbate during the summer. In winter they maintain a boat operative, type magnum LS Jupiter.

The boat E/S Salvamar Alkaid, of 20 meters of length, of Marine Rescue and with base in the port of Tarifa, takes care of all the year the 24 hours of the day, any maritime distress that happens in the zone of Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar.

The free charge telephone for emergencies at sea is 900 202 202



To the people who practice navigation with board and sail, Windsurf, the following recommendations are done to them:

- meteorology Watches. The wind and the sea can change abruptly in the coast. Be careful with the land breeze that can move away it of the coast.

- It verifies the hours of the tides and knows the currents dominant the zone.

- It respects the zones prohibited to navigation, the minimum ranges to beaches and uses the channels. Keep away of swimmers, divers and fishermen.

- Dont sail late eveving, it will fall the night and it will be very difficult to find him. An acceptable limit is not to do it less of two hours before the sunset

- one does not move away of the coast more than one mile.

- protection against the cold (isothermal suits) and uses showy colors in sail and clothes. Use a life jacket of alive color, permanently put it on. If windsurf of speed practices, uses a crash helmet.

- It takes with himself kit with lantern, chemical lights or flares and some food of high nutritious power.

- Never sail alone, Make sre thta your expected time of return is konwn by someone ashore and someone else is keeping an eye on you on the water.

- In case of break down or accident it never leave the board which is your main source of buoyancy and trying to gain the beach or coast swimming. Make visual signals moving the arms up and down.

- In case of sighting a windsurfer in trouble or distress from shor , it does not doubt in calling to the telephone of emergencies marine 900 202 202


- It is essential to learn in specialized schools centers to be able to make it surely for that it practices it and for the beach users..

- the zones of practice must be cleared and to have an ample zone of leeward, always avoiding the zones with people and swimmers.

- It is necessary to sail to leeward of peaks, windsurfistas, swimmers and boats.

- It is necessary to warn to the public whom does not approach by the danger and force that has one commits.

- It is necessary to consult the meteorological forecasts, specially if there is land breeze.

- Before go to sail, to the water, you must have a well control of the kite at shore.

- It is necessary to sail with a direction that allows to return to the beach and does not have to move away too much of the coast.

- It is necessary to use helmet to avoid blows in the head.

- the boards have little bouyancy reason why it is forced to use life jacket.

- Avoid navigation less than two hours before sunset.

- In a danger situation, not to leave the board and the equipment, since it will allow a easier location.




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