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In Tarifa the most important windsurf events every year have been the championship of the Windsurfing Toro Andaluz, for 25 years and several championships of Kitesurf in the last years as Masters of Kiteboard

The Carnival in march and Semana Santa in April, traditional and religious and simultaneously a week of holidays.

The Summer, time of maximun activity in Julio and August and the Celebrations of Tarifa that begin the first Sunday of September. Celebration dedicated to the Virgin of the Light, patrona of the tarifeños.

In Christmas, December also there is certain atmosphere and every year it comes more people although one continues being epoca very calm in Tarifa


SAN JUAN: 24 of June.

CELEBRATION OF THE CARMEN: From the 15th to the 17th of July

TARIFA Virgen de la Luz: first sunday of setember. Agricultural cavalcade accompanying to the Virgin from the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Light, to the Church of San Mateo with hundreds of horses and riders and his cofradias that arrives until the old town of the walled city. The last Saturday of September, is tradition to happen below the mantle of the Virgin.

ROMERÍA : The last Sunday the traditional Romería of the Virgin of the Light is celebrated until its Sanctuary.


Festival de Cine Africano Tarifa

Festival Cine Fantástico Tarifa




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