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Surfing in Tarifa Beach

Tarifa is the departure point of many ways and exciting trips. Crossing the Strait in boat, ferrys, we can go to Ceuta and Tangier and from there, to all Africa. From the airports of Malaga, Jerez and Seville threre is departures to most of the european countries. The train arrives to Algeciras, 25 km from Tarifa.. A network of buses local, national and international makes trips from Algeciras, Tarifa and Cadiz.

The horse and the equestrian in Tarifa still represent a tradition lives. It is a unique activity by his nature that can be practiced at all the levels and specialties. Try it!

The atmosphere of Tarifa is young, very bound to windsurfing and kitesurfing whose fans, have chosen this city. . Around them along the year has arisen an animated nocturnal atmosphere, with abundance of bars, pubs and discos frequented by these sportsmen/woman.


In the Strait of Gibraltar one practices daily is windsurfing and kitesurfing; their climatologic and geographic conditions turn an authentic paradise for these sports and others like skimboarding or surfing.

Tarifa provides the opportunity to outdoors enjoy nautical activities as diving, fishing sport and, in addition to treking and other activities, like the horse routes or mountain bicycle.

From the port of Tarifa they leave ships of different companies for trips to see the whales and dolphins that cross by the Straits of Gibraltar.




These marine trips are always organized depending on the meteorological conditions; they go accompanied by expert in whales who illustrate about the life and of the marine mammals.





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